Saturday, June 30, 2007


Hey kreepy kids!
I recently switched on my inter-dimensional transmiter, and was able to speak with cartoon artist Jason Groh who will be doing a special guest spot in Cereal Killer's, as well as a Kreepsville Industries monster t-shirt for our new line!

If you've never layed your peeper's upon Jason's ghastly ghouls, mad monsters and other wacky weird-o's, visit BLAMMO right now for more of his spooky art, and news regarding his upcoming sketch book.

Or beware the boogie-monster under your bed who will eat your feet!!!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Secret Saturday's!

Hey all you ghastly ghouls!
If you get a chance, drag your bones over to Monster Shindig's
favorite mad-monster cartoon artist Jay Stephen's Monsterama blog.
Jay recently posted some more wayout character art, and news including an episode breakdown on his upcoming Cartoon Network high adventure show The Secret Saturday's.