Sunday, July 30, 2006

Spooky Trash Tee's for ghoulies!

Just added some of our new spooky trash drive-in movie designs on a few shirts for go-go ghoulies for only $25 each! To purchase your very own kreep-out tee, visit our cafepress shop Von Kreep's Mortuary of Madness right now!

If there's a specific design you would like to see on a different shirt please let me know.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

New spooky trash t-shirts!

Hey spooks! I just designed some new high quailty wayout spooky trash drive-in theater black ghoul t-shirts that are on sale over at our Kreepsville's cafepress shop Von Kreep's Mortuary of Madness for only $30 each.

They include; "Teenage Frankenstein" and "I Drink your Blood/I Eat your Skin". Visit the kreep shop right now to purchase your very own kreature feature threads straight from the haunted house!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Some more kreeps...

Above are a few Big Daddy Roth/Ratfink inspired hot rodding monster designs that Darryl recently sent me for our "Welcome to Kreepsville, U.S.A" cartoon pitch. Lurk on over to the blog right now for a few more gone gassers, and a special update!

Darryl's sketch book!

My good pal and partner-in-crime on the Kreepsville Kartoon Darry Young has recently released his 64 page perfect bound sketch book, Share the Luv Vol. 1, which features his amazing brand of art. Go to his grave site right now and buy your copy.

Or if you're heading to this coming week's San Diego Comic-Con July 19th-23rd you can drop by his table E-6 to say hello and buy some of his gruesome goodies!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Santo and Blue Demon vs The Monsters

As some of you might know, there's a special place in my black heart for luchador's (mexican masked wrestler's) like Santo, Blue Demon and all of those way-out sci-fi/horror film's the starred in. Here's a little something for all you lucha libre fan's out there in Kreepsville! Santo and Blue Demon vs The Monsters. It has no sound, but it's still pretty kool!

Zombi 3 Trailer

Here's a trailer from one of my all time favorite master's of gore, Lucio Fulci's Zombi 3.
Dig it!

Sideshow Monkey at Comic-Con

Hey spooksters! Just wanted to let all of you know that my good friend, mad monster-maker David Hartman will be at the San Diego Comic-Con July 19th-23rd. Stop by the Sideshow Monkey booth O-12 and pick up your copy of his new art book, and other spooky gruesome goodies fresh from the slab! Tell him Von Kreep sent you!