Saturday, June 24, 2006

King Kadaver

Haven't posted anything from Cereal Killer's in a while, so here's another original breakfast cereal macabre mascot's of a kreepy undead king called "King Kadaver" created by Pixar artist Lou Romano. Lou was the production designer on one of my favorite animated feature films, The Incredibles.

Be sure to check out his fang-tastic Greek mythology creatures & hero illustrations on his blog!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friend's blog!

Just found out through Steve Lambey's blog that there's an official blog for one of my all time favorite Cartoon Network show's Foster Home for Imaginary Friends that's run by the krew. There's a bunch of super kool art that they've already posted, so go check it out!

Jay Stephen's presents...The Cryptids

Kreepsville Industries has always been a big supporter of guest artist mad monster-maker Jay Stephen's, who has always unearthed some eye-gouging haunted work for us. And when we found out that his animated monster action 60's style kids cartoon "The Cryptids" was picked up over at Cartoon Network for development we of course flipped our bolted heads. Congrats to Jay once again. We look forward to finally seeing a full on monster show like this on t.v. for sure!

If you haven't visited Jay's haunted blog Monsterama, lurk your weary bones over right now and be sure to read everything on the show. Plus, don't forget to visit his store Monsterama Mart and purchase some of his gruesome goodies!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chris Battle Illustration

Hey spooksters! Just wanted to share with you a great blog from a krypt-kicking animation character designer by the name of Chris Battle. If you never heard of Chris, you've most likely have seen is wayout work's of dastardly porportains in various Cartoon Network show's like; Samuri Jack, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Labatory and Xiaolin Showdown. I recently found out through his blog Chris Battle Illustration that he's currently designing various dead-izean's of Monster Land for Rob Zombie's animated monster mash
"The Haunted World of El Superbeasto".

Stay tuned in the coming months for a kreature feature interview with Chris in 1313!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Re-animated Von Kreep

Here's one of the newest incarnation's of my character, Von Kreep for our monster kids cartoon pitch "Welcome to Kreepsville, U.S.A". Since he's a mad doctor, I thought it would be fun if he experimented on himself. So I shared this 1950's/1960's sci-fi/horror film atomic age technology idea of a floating brain inside a glass tube with Darryl Young and he came up with these two designs.

I really dig the 1st one with the three brains, because it shows that Von Kreep gave himself two extra brains because he wanted to have major brain capacity. This proves that you never know how far you can take a character design wise. We took David Hartman's original design, and gave it something outrages that works within our monster world concept.

If you still haven't check out our Kreepsville Kartoon blog, I suggest that you kreep on over
right away! You've been warned...

El Tigre

The dastardly dynamic duel husband/wife animation team of Jorge Gutierrez & Sandra Equihua are currently creating a brand new lucha libre cartoon show over at Nickelodeon called "El Tigre". This will be a rock'in show indeed, full of stylish design work and storytelling!

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto Pt. 3

Hey spooksters! It's been a few day's since I last posted anything, so I thought I would start off with this. I just lurked on over to the offical grave site for Rob Zombie's upcoming animated monster masterpiece "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" and they've added some amazing eye-popping stills from the movie.

Here are a few kreepy gruesome goodies that totally inspire me to create the best monster kids cartoon that I can. And I hope they do the same for you!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Six Monsters

I recently found out that one of my all time favorite animation houses Frederator Studios will be producing at brand new monster short called "Six Monsters", that's going to feature some real kreepy characters.

Go to the
"Six Monsters" blog to check out some development goodies and see what else they're working on!

Night of the Kreep Kake

For those of you graveyard spooks who dig cute & spooky pin-up ghoulie art with a midnite monster twist, don't be a sissy and check out my ghoulfriend Kup Kake's new bloodcurdling art blog
Kreep Kake.

It's only been up for a few day's, but she'll be posting lot's of past and present works of undead art and will be sure to give you nightmare's for a week!

Welcome to Kreepsville, U.S.A Kartoon

Hey all you spooksters! Since I haven't posted in a few week's I thought I would start off by showing you the blog to Kreepsville Industries current project, a monster kid's cartoon pitch called "Welcome to Kreepsville, U.S.A" that we're developing with our new graveyard pal's Pat Pakula, who's a background artist on Atomic Cartoon's Atomic Betty cartoon that's shown on Cartoon Network, and Darryl Young who's a character designer/animator on various breakfast cereal television ads.

Kreep your bones on over to Kreepsville Kartoon to check out some of wayout monster action!