Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spooky Sounds of Mad Monster Party!

I was going to post this during Oct. but I just can't help myself! Here's a special treat for all you little monsters, mummys, werewolfs, witches and ghosts!

I found this today in my cobweb infested vault, while gathering up some terrorfying sounds for the upcoming Halloween edition of Headless Spectre Radio. The record to Rankin/Bass's 1969's stop-motion animation cult classic, Mad Monster Party.

Click on the album art to download the record!

42 Day's left till Halloween!

Hey monster kids!
It's been a while since I last posted anything. I've been a busy mad monster-maker developing my Monstroville cartoon series, plus Kup Kake and I are going to be having a baby ghoul in March.

Regardless, I've been driving around all week long in and around here in Van Nuys, and have been spotting many pumpkin patches, and Halloween shops. That being said, I'm all ready for Oct. to start, so to put you in the Halloween spirit here's one of my favorite little poem's.

"It's Just Halloween"

Weird-looking creatures,
Can always be seen.
Don't be afraid for
It's just Halloween.

Hundreds of specters,
With goblins between.
Don't be afraid for
It's just Halloween.

Crackling bonfires
Light up the weird scene.
Don't be afraid for
It's just Halloween.

Until next time...pleasent nightmare's fiends!

Von Kreep