Saturday, December 04, 2010

House of Spooks

Hey Monster Kids!
Just in time for the Holiday Season, my wife Kup Kake and I present our brand new horror shoppe/art gallery HOUSE OF SPOOKS. 

Our diabolical plan is bring you, only the finest eclectic collection of international gruesome goodies including; Man Made Monsters from Masks to Creature Busts, Records, Toys, Books, Comics, High End Art (from Lowbrow to Horror), Movies, Clothing, and all things Halloween!

We dare you to your bones over to our SPOOK HOUSE, and dig up some bone-chilling Trick or Treats just in time for your Holiday shopping.

Happy Haunting!

The Spooky, Swingin' Sounds of Kreepsville Manor

Grab the kiddies, dim the lights, and turn every night into Halloween with the THE SPOOKY, SWINGIN' SOUNDS OF KREEPSVILLE MANOR, brought to you by Von Kreep's Headless Spectre Records. Get ready to scream, shiver, and shudder as your living room becomes a real spooky old haunted house. A virtual Chasm of Spasms, we DARE you to listen from beginning to end! It's a Spookaroo Whoop-de-doo with this Terrorific 1 Hour-plus Spook-tacular containing everything you need for your very own bone-shivering Spook Party! Just add screaming.

Featuring two eek-clusive song's by The Legendary Invisible Men, The Fuzztones, the kings of fuzz Davie Allan and The Arrows, Psycho Charger, The Nebulas, The Vooduo, The Fiends, The 3-D Invisibles, The Hollywoods, Monsters from Mars, The Von Drats, Cult of the Psychic Fetus, The Worst, The Moon-Rays, and The Hangee V.

Plus a tale of terror, and 3 bonus sound f/x! Monster art by Pigsnoot, and David Hartman from 

Check out a review over at Strange Kids Club.

Track List:

    1.    Intro - Venture into the haunted house...if you dare!
    2.    Von Kreep’s Theme - The Legendary Invisible Men
    3.    House on Haunted Hill - The Vooduo
    4.    The Unknown - Davie Allan and The Arrows
    5.    Gravedigger - The Fiends
    6.    Return of the One Percenter - Psycho Charger
    7.    The Haunted House - A Tale of Terror
    8.    Retribution - The Nebulas
    9.    I Wanna Dig Up Bela Lugosi - The 3-D Invisibles
    10.    Night in the Life - Cult of the Psychic Fetus
    11.    Vengence Beach - The Hollywoods
    12.    Headless Man - The Legendary Invisible Men
    13.    Creepy Thing - The Worst
    14.    Uncle Festers Blues - The Von Drats
    15.    Escape From Castle Wolfenstein - Monsters From Mars
    16.    Drag Fink - The Moon-Rays
    17.    Mirror Lies - The Hangee V
    18.    Happy Halloween - The Fuzztones
    19.    Mad Monster-Making Laboratory - Sound Effect
    20.    1313 Abomination Breaks Loose - Sound Effect
    21.    Victim in The Torture Chamber - Sound Effect 

Go dig up a copy over at HOUSE OF SPOOKS right now!