Saturday, December 04, 2010

House of Spooks

Hey Monster Kids!
Just in time for the Holiday Season, my wife Kup Kake and I present our brand new horror shoppe/art gallery HOUSE OF SPOOKS. 

Our diabolical plan is bring you, only the finest eclectic collection of international gruesome goodies including; Man Made Monsters from Masks to Creature Busts, Records, Toys, Books, Comics, High End Art (from Lowbrow to Horror), Movies, Clothing, and all things Halloween!

We dare you to your bones over to our SPOOK HOUSE, and dig up some bone-chilling Trick or Treats just in time for your Holiday shopping.

Happy Haunting!

The Spooky, Swingin' Sounds of Kreepsville Manor

Grab the kiddies, dim the lights, and turn every night into Halloween with the THE SPOOKY, SWINGIN' SOUNDS OF KREEPSVILLE MANOR, brought to you by Von Kreep's Headless Spectre Records. Get ready to scream, shiver, and shudder as your living room becomes a real spooky old haunted house. A virtual Chasm of Spasms, we DARE you to listen from beginning to end! It's a Spookaroo Whoop-de-doo with this Terrorific 1 Hour-plus Spook-tacular containing everything you need for your very own bone-shivering Spook Party! Just add screaming.

Featuring two eek-clusive song's by The Legendary Invisible Men, The Fuzztones, the kings of fuzz Davie Allan and The Arrows, Psycho Charger, The Nebulas, The Vooduo, The Fiends, The 3-D Invisibles, The Hollywoods, Monsters from Mars, The Von Drats, Cult of the Psychic Fetus, The Worst, The Moon-Rays, and The Hangee V.

Plus a tale of terror, and 3 bonus sound f/x! Monster art by Pigsnoot, and David Hartman from 

Check out a review over at Strange Kids Club.

Track List:

    1.    Intro - Venture into the haunted house...if you dare!
    2.    Von Kreep’s Theme - The Legendary Invisible Men
    3.    House on Haunted Hill - The Vooduo
    4.    The Unknown - Davie Allan and The Arrows
    5.    Gravedigger - The Fiends
    6.    Return of the One Percenter - Psycho Charger
    7.    The Haunted House - A Tale of Terror
    8.    Retribution - The Nebulas
    9.    I Wanna Dig Up Bela Lugosi - The 3-D Invisibles
    10.    Night in the Life - Cult of the Psychic Fetus
    11.    Vengence Beach - The Hollywoods
    12.    Headless Man - The Legendary Invisible Men
    13.    Creepy Thing - The Worst
    14.    Uncle Festers Blues - The Von Drats
    15.    Escape From Castle Wolfenstein - Monsters From Mars
    16.    Drag Fink - The Moon-Rays
    17.    Mirror Lies - The Hangee V
    18.    Happy Halloween - The Fuzztones
    19.    Mad Monster-Making Laboratory - Sound Effect
    20.    1313 Abomination Breaks Loose - Sound Effect
    21.    Victim in The Torture Chamber - Sound Effect 

Go dig up a copy over at HOUSE OF SPOOKS right now!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghastly sounds for Halloween fun!

A few more spooky recordings for your Halloween shindigs, and home made haunted houses of terror....BOO!

The very first Halloween record my mummy bought me back when I was a little monster kid.


Wade Denning and Kay Lande's Halloween: Games, Songs and Stories (1969)

Featuring one of my favorite songs of the season Halloween.

The Munsters "The Newest Teen-Age Singing Group" (Decca 1964)

A special gruesome goodie from one of my favorite TV monster families, The Munsters "The Newest Teen-Age Singing Group from 1964.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sounds To Make You Shiver! Bloodcurdling! Terror! Horror! (Pickwick 1974)

So, you want to visit a Haunted House, hmmm?

Here's a creepy collection of spooky sounds that I posted awhile back, and twill make you're bones shiver with fright. Pickwick's Sounds To Make You Shiver! Bloodcurdling! Terror! Horror!

Zacherley's - Scary Tales

Hey Trick or Treaters! 
It's been a while since I've posted anything on Monster Shindig, so in honor of the Halloween season, I'll be counting down up until Oct. 31st with downloads to some of my favorite spooky, scary vintage records from my secret stash.

This first one is from one of my favorite T.V horror hosts from the 1960's, John Zacherley Scary Tales.

Until next time, Pleasant Nightmares...Fiends!

Friday, October 31, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Hey trick or treater's!
On this spookiest of all days I bring you one of my favorite childhood records, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. So bring out the cardboard tombstones, plastic bats, candy corn, and of course a jack o lantern, and get ready to for a frightful treat.

Click on the front cover at to download.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spooky Sounds of Mad Monster Party!

I was going to post this during Oct. but I just can't help myself! Here's a special treat for all you little monsters, mummys, werewolfs, witches and ghosts!

I found this today in my cobweb infested vault, while gathering up some terrorfying sounds for the upcoming Halloween edition of Headless Spectre Radio. The record to Rankin/Bass's 1969's stop-motion animation cult classic, Mad Monster Party.

Click on the album art to download the record!

42 Day's left till Halloween!

Hey monster kids!
It's been a while since I last posted anything. I've been a busy mad monster-maker developing my Monstroville cartoon series, plus Kup Kake and I are going to be having a baby ghoul in March.

Regardless, I've been driving around all week long in and around here in Van Nuys, and have been spotting many pumpkin patches, and Halloween shops. That being said, I'm all ready for Oct. to start, so to put you in the Halloween spirit here's one of my favorite little poem's.

"It's Just Halloween"

Weird-looking creatures,
Can always be seen.
Don't be afraid for
It's just Halloween.

Hundreds of specters,
With goblins between.
Don't be afraid for
It's just Halloween.

Crackling bonfires
Light up the weird scene.
Don't be afraid for
It's just Halloween.

Until next time...pleasent nightmare's fiends!

Von Kreep

Friday, February 22, 2008

Danger: Diabolik - Original Soundtrack!

Mwahahahaha! Here's a record for your listening pleasure from one of my all time favorite Italian action film's from 1968 based on a comic book. Danger: Diabolik directed by the master of art house cinema Mario Bava (Black Sunday), produced by Dino De Laurentiis, and starring John Phillip Law as Diabolik with the gorgeous Marisa Mell as Eva Kant. If you've never seen this amazing film it's about time that you did! It's on Netflix and Amazon.

In the meantime, check out the original soundtrack featuring some psychedelic sounds by the master of cinematic music Ennio Morricone, plus much more!

Download: Danger: Diabolik - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Halloween Horrors 1977 LP!

Hey graveyard ghoulies!
I recently recieved an eek-mail from a fiend who requested I re-post one of his favorite childhood spooky old records. So here's the special trick-or-treat from our spooked-out vault's. I bring you in terrorfying shocking recorded sound 1977's "Halloween Horrors" presented by A & M Records Inc.
This record feature's some of the koolest sound effects that you can use in your next Halloween shindig or haunted house to give your victim's something to scream about!

Download: Halloween Horrors

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Joseph Orrantia's Cosmonuts

Hey graveyard ghoulies!
If you dig some of that crazy monsterous cartoon art, that gives you goosebumps for a week! Than you need to check out
animation spookmaster Joseph Orrantia's work. This Spumco alumni sure knows how to create ghastly characters, and deadtime story nightmarish looking landscapes.
Be sure to stop by Joseph's blog Cosmonuts, to see more of his work including his amazing cartoon short Edgar and the Voyagers!