Thursday, July 27, 2006

New spooky trash t-shirts!

Hey spooks! I just designed some new high quailty wayout spooky trash drive-in theater black ghoul t-shirts that are on sale over at our Kreepsville's cafepress shop Von Kreep's Mortuary of Madness for only $30 each.

They include; "Teenage Frankenstein" and "I Drink your Blood/I Eat your Skin". Visit the kreep shop right now to purchase your very own kreature feature threads straight from the haunted house!


Kirsten said...

These are so cool, but what's the chance you could have them printed on girl-cut tshirts? I'd buy one of each kind!

Doktor Viktor Von Kreep said...

Hey Kristen,
Just added these designs on a few ghoulie t-shirts for you. If there's any design that you would like to see on any other shirt let me know and I can make that happen for you. All of the ghoulie shirts come in different colors.

Kirsten said...

Cool, I'm going to buy some- but what I'd REALLY like is that Fifth Dimension Spookshow design on a black shirt cut for girls...possible?