Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Monster Creature Feature time!

Hey weird-oh's! Just wanted to tell you about my new pal ghostmaster, Ormon Grimsby (aka The Undertaker's) Raleigh NC based t.v horror host show "Monster Creature Feature".
For those of you who grew up watching the old midnite horror host show's of the 60's and 70's than you'll really give out a scream for Orman's show. It's a kosmic kreeps nightmare come to undead life , and a jack-o-lantern full of spooky trash B-movie horror/sci-fi flicks, monster hop kulture, spooky artists, indie short flicks and so much more!

The show airs weekly on RTN channel 10 in Raleigh, NC on Friday evenings at 10 and Midnight and 3pm on Saturday afternoons. And shown in Durham, NC on TWC at 2 AM Thursdays.

So, don't be a sissy and kreep on over to "Monster Creature Feature's" haunted house right now for some kreeped-out video odds & ends, bios, and much more. And, don't forget to purchase some wayout monster gruesome goodies from their store!

I'll also be interviewing Ormon for the upcoming premiere spook-takular of our horror comic
"Monster Shindig".

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