Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Secret Saturdays, to be changed!!!

Hey monster kids! Just went on my pal Jay Stephen's Monsterama blog, and it looks like the powers that be at Cartoon Network are making him change the title of his upcoming animated series from 'The Secret Saturdays", a title that's original and so iconic to 'The Secret Adventures Of Zak Saturday", which does not represent the show at all.

I for one am very upset, and I've already sent CN a message telling them how I feel, and think their making a very big mistake. If you feel the same, and want to show Jay
your support
go HERE right now!


Monster-Maniac said...

Hiya. Just dropping by to say you've got a great blog here. Cheers :)

Robert Peterson said...

I think the name change is stupid. Cartoon Network just keeps digging that hole bigger and bigger.