Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chris Reccardi's "Cosmopollus"!

Hey groovie ghoulies!
Monster Shindig's pal animation artist Chris Reccardi (
Ren & Stimpy - (5 years as animator/director/musician), Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, and many more!) is having a solo art show called "Cosmopollus" at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, CA Nov. 17th-Dec. 4th.

Be sure to catch it if you get the chance! And don't forget to let him know that Von Kreep
sent you.

Until than, check out Chris's ghastly box art contribution to my upcoming koffin table art book
Cereal Killers...Zombie Guts!


pumml said...

Really excited for the release of this book! Great blog you have here, btw.

Fred said...

Love the Zombie Guts box front. Reminds me of my favorite scene from "City of the Living Dead!"

Hryma said...

These cereal boxes are so appealing I'd even contemplate eating it if it were for sale.