Friday, December 09, 2005

It's a Mad Monster Party!

Like all fan's of stop-motion animation, my all time favorite fright flick is the Rankin/Bass 1965 classic "Mad Monster Party". The film was directed by Jules Bass and featured the voice talents of horror screen legend Boris Karloff as the fiendish bone-shivering Baron Von Frankenstein.

As a special treat, i've included two video clips for your viewing pleasure. The original trailer and from the way-out "The Mummy" sequence.

Original Trailer

"The Mummy"

The above videos are in the Flash format, so make sure you have that enabled to view them.


MrBaliHai said...

Promising start! I'll be keeping an eye on this 'blog.

Mark Ackland said...

Congrats on the new blog! Those clips are great!!!

Doktor Viktor Von Kreep said...

Hey ghouls,
Thank you from the bottom of my black heart for the
great feedback!

warren said...

This is freaking me out! Yikes!