Monday, December 12, 2005

Sleepy Hallow stomp!

For all you Headless Horseman fans, here's a special audio treat from "Walt Disney's The Adventures of Icaebod and Mister Toad" cartoon! "The Headless Horsman" song by Bing Crosby. Click here to download the MP3 file off of our RapidShare page.



Astrotrain said...

How about a repost of the Bing Crosby song?

Slackjack said...

I will now reveal that I have been creeping around your fan-spooky-tab-ulous vaults in a timeless void, while wearing my Uncle Ted's "Ken Needie" brothel creepers [I like the squishy sound they make].
Just when I thought I was all alone, I find myself surrounded by ghouls, ghosties and other bumps that go "Oooooooh" in the night.
I have missed some gems, but that has been more than made up for the treasures I have found.
Thank you, thank you, these slimy treasures have filled a hole in my otherwise gaping body