Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kiss Me Quick/House on Bare Mountain

A few weeks ago Something Weird Video sent me a real Halloween treat in the mail. A wayout double creature feature DVD with lots of nudie kutie's and monsters from the 60's, Kiss Me Quick and House on Bare Mountain. If you dig monsters, mad-doctors and cute half naked girls than this is the dvd for you. The DVD also features some short strip tease films, and a gallery of nudie kutie movie posters from a time where things were a bit more innocent.

To purchase this and other fine monster a go-go and nudie kutie films visit
Something Weird Video.


Andrew said...

I was trying to get a copy of that a while ago but the only store that had it sold out.

Anonymous said...

I agree. This fun-tastic double bill will be a great surprise for the addicts to nudie and monsters. Excellent release by something weird video. Congratulations. Bye

pabuboi said...

do you have the trailer?

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