Friday, June 09, 2006

Re-animated Von Kreep

Here's one of the newest incarnation's of my character, Von Kreep for our monster kids cartoon pitch "Welcome to Kreepsville, U.S.A". Since he's a mad doctor, I thought it would be fun if he experimented on himself. So I shared this 1950's/1960's sci-fi/horror film atomic age technology idea of a floating brain inside a glass tube with Darryl Young and he came up with these two designs.

I really dig the 1st one with the three brains, because it shows that Von Kreep gave himself two extra brains because he wanted to have major brain capacity. This proves that you never know how far you can take a character design wise. We took David Hartman's original design, and gave it something outrages that works within our monster world concept.

If you still haven't check out our Kreepsville Kartoon blog, I suggest that you kreep on over
right away! You've been warned...

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SACKS said...

Cool pics. Any news on the Cereal Killers book? When is the release date?