Saturday, June 24, 2006

King Kadaver

Haven't posted anything from Cereal Killer's in a while, so here's another original breakfast cereal macabre mascot's of a kreepy undead king called "King Kadaver" created by Pixar artist Lou Romano. Lou was the production designer on one of my favorite animated feature films, The Incredibles.

Be sure to check out his fang-tastic Greek mythology creatures & hero illustrations on his blog!


Leigh said...

This is one of the best boxes yet! When will the book be out?

Zack said...

What an awesome box! Super creepy.

Hey, I recently discovered a site where you can watch a bunch of full length horror films for FREE called -- you have to check it out! Anybody have any horror recommendations that I should check out on the site??

phc said...

hi...i like your's very have got great stuff... i think that they are very rock'n'roll...

i look back on my time when i listen to the cramps, the misfits ecc. ecc.


scottdiggs said...

Cool stuff man. PAKU was right.

.:.Hz.:. said...

Awesome work! Congrats! I really like this cartoon style...nice! ^.^

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