Friday, June 23, 2006

Jay Stephen's presents...The Cryptids

Kreepsville Industries has always been a big supporter of guest artist mad monster-maker Jay Stephen's, who has always unearthed some eye-gouging haunted work for us. And when we found out that his animated monster action 60's style kids cartoon "The Cryptids" was picked up over at Cartoon Network for development we of course flipped our bolted heads. Congrats to Jay once again. We look forward to finally seeing a full on monster show like this on t.v. for sure!

If you haven't visited Jay's haunted blog Monsterama, lurk your weary bones over right now and be sure to read everything on the show. Plus, don't forget to visit his store Monsterama Mart and purchase some of his gruesome goodies!

1 comment:

boob said...

Nice! Style is fresh and I dig the retro colors. I see the toys already. I'm already tuned in! Great stuff Jay!